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Lisa Doby
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Lisa Doby comes to us from the state of South Carolina in the USA. Her childhood musical memories are of Gospel songs in the local baptist church. At home the walls reverberated to the sounds of Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Wonder. She discoverd a passion for song and poetry, so that music became an obsession. Lisa sang in a few local groups, studied the violin and the trumpet. She then began to voyage on the wings of liberty and decided to move to Europe. Shortly after her arrival, Lisa was swept into a world tour with Patricia Kaas. After 18 months of backing vocals and progress in French, Lisa decides to pursue a career at the front and center of the stage. As Europe began to turn its attention to r&b/hiphop productions back home on the other side of the Atlantic, the pretty American decided to concentrate on a sound away from the beaten path. She discovers Led Zeppelin and Genesis, Django Reinhardt, Piaf and Barbara... Along the way she would share stage with Seeed, Lucky Peterson, Solomon Burke, and Joe Cocker... One moment forever engraved in her memory: meeting Ray Charles and opening for him on his last European Tour. This young songwriter refuses to be pegged into the category of r&b or hiphop just because skin color. By associating her soul and rock influences, Lisa’s musical universe contains a music that is captivating and bold: audacious... Her new album, Free to Be, signed to Jazzhaus Records and is in stores now! She produced this new project with John Burns (Genesis, Jethro Tull), Ian Caple (Tricky, Higelin) and Jacky Koehler. There are some artists that touch straight to the heart. Lisa

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