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Groupe de musique Irlandaise. 5 Musiciens internationaux (Irlande, USA, UK, France, Belgique) "Although coming from diverse musical backgrounds, and residing in different parts of the globe, they found eachother in their similiar approach to music, bringing together their many cultural influences to forge a unique blend of Traditional Irish music that literally had them, within months of coming together, playing on Major Festivals in Ireland/ Belgium/France/ England/ Denmark/ Holland. This achivement alone is worthy of note, and as further testimony to their deep rooted talents, being asked back immediately on every Festival they played on..."before we even had time to put our instruments away" as Philip, aptly put it. By the end of 2003 Comas had built up a sizable repution to be hailed in the press as: "The Revelation Of 2003" (S.Vandenberghe-NVFOLK) and as: "The best traditional band around"(Folkspot). When you hear Comas you'll know that their choice of name was no mere coincidence. (Translating from Irish/ Gaelic as POWER) And power is exactly what this band is about. Depicting their own driving power coupled with a fine sensitivity for the inner strands of magic that is inherent in Irish music. Here, their Fiddle player, Aidan Burke comes into his own, delving deep into his Irish roots to pluck out a pure sound that transcends time and place guaranteed to touch any lover of Celtic music. Aidan's dexterity is evenly matched by the awesome talents of Sylvain Barou (flutes, pipes), Philip Masure (Guitar) and Jackie Moran (percussion) "Comas plays enormously fast but with a lot of feelings"(S.feys-folkroddels) Comas are a band firmly rooted in Irish music, but with enough space to allow in original compositions.Open to new influences, but with a respectful eye on the past is what brings Comas to the fore-front of what traditional music is about today.

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Comas | Irish Music

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